Quality and Responsibility

Good products are seldom created by chance. We set high quality requirements, and so do our customers.

Our operations, and service are all first-rate quality. Work is carried out with a long-term perspective and by listening to our customers.

As AICS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS employees, we adopt the Total Quality philosophy as a permanent way of life and adopt the customer-centric process approach to apply national and international standards based on continuous development in which all our employees participate; We are committed to complying with legal international and local regulations related to the environment, health and safety at work.

To this end;

Training, authorization and participation of all our staff for the continuous improvement of the Total Quality Management System,

Development of pre-sales and post-sales services by prioritizing the expectations and needs of our customers,

Ensuring the continuous satisfaction of our customers and suppliers and under no circumstances compromising on quality,

Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers receiving services from our company on time, using the available resources with our trained and experienced staff in the most effective way,

Every job we do is done right the first time and consistently,

see respect for the environment and people as a principle

AICS has been certified according to ISO-9001:2015 and has implemented a quality management system.

Our products are manufactured and checked according to the highest quality standards.

Our suppliers are certified under ISO-9001:2015, IATF 16949, NADCAP and / or AS 9100